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You too can follow the roads once travelled by Joseph Rock | Mio Kitchen


Just a quick update for the Joseph Rock aficianados. Someone with the handle of (link) has uploaded hours of Youtube footage of real time driving in the Tibetan borderlands of Yunnan and Sichuan [and many other parts of the provinces]. 

So if you like looking at a lot of tarmac and the occasional bit of dirt road, every single metre of the road from Lugu Lake to Yading is available to view in 22 episodes. Might be useful if you’re planning a bike trip and want to see the road conditions.  

Looks like they did a big loop – Dali to the Nujiang then up to Bingzhongluo, then to Deqin and around to Zhongdian (‘Shangri La’ ) and Lijiang. Plus there’s bit of Meili Xueshan, Litang, Baoshan, Tengchong and much more.

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